CHALENDGER SHIPPING - An international shhipping and logistics company providing a wide range of services in the field of transportation and customs clearance. We provide strategic supply chain management, speaking effective tool for improving the competitiveness of our customers.

Choosing a logistics provider, you are to consider the people, the culture and system of values ​​of the organization. You must be sure that all these elements are in the right balance and meet your expectations.

The core values ​​of CHELENDZHER SHIPPING:

Oil and Gas

This is the most important value of our company. Our success depends on the storage and retention of our customers.Therefore, we are constantly reviewing their needs, offering new and useful solutions. We believe that our reputation and the quality of service rendered - a pledge of our growth and the emergence of new long-term partnerships.


The basis of our business - quality service and our people make this possible. By constant search, motivation, training, we strive to strengthen our leadership position in the market.


Like all successful companies, we have a unique culture. Our culture is focused on success, continuous development and achievement of excellent results. It's a simple philosophy that works. Life is too short not to get pleasure from the things you do, and from the people with whom you work. Inside the company, we create the conditions that would encourage employees to work in her life.


Our internal system covers the full cycle of customer service, from the first contact for the client request to the elaboration of specialized reports coming in on-line mode for the control and management of the entire supply chain of the client. Our system covers all aspects of our business, including sales, client policy, policy of relationships with suppliers, production and services, quality system, personnel management, finance and accounting. All our offices are connected to a single system, which eliminates the loss of information, and allows you to see the big picture of all processes in real time. According to the company's strategy, we do not plan to stop there in the development of information technologies that are important in the development of the company